Rockets are bound by the laws of nature. They behave predictably.

     Brands are bound by the laws of human nature—which uses a whole different calculus.

     The Dave and Eddy Show brand development process is designed to drill down to the essential human truths of your organization. Then we'll build—or remodel—your brand's basic platform: mission, values, value proposition, brand position, brand architecture (including naming), brand personality and voice.

     Most importantly, we'll then provide you with a set of tools to help you—or anyone who creates on behalf of your brand—tell your story in a clear, consistent way.

"But we've already done 'brand work.'"

Yes, most organizations have a mission or a vision, some stated values and maybe some language they present as a position. But often those represent the negotiations of a committee more interested in building consensus than something effective and useful. We always evaluate all your existing brand work and incorporate what we can into a useful brand toolkit.

"We don't have the time/budget."

Doing it right never takes less than three months. This isn't because we work slowly, but rather because your organization will need to weigh some important decisions. Although there are no shortcuts, we can help you meet short-term needs in a way that won't derail the long-term process.
     As for budget, yes, it costs money. But we can say that if you're brand is not working for you, you're wasting money right now. Further,  experience has taught us how to find great efficiencies—especially when it comes to research. We appreciate that every dollar you spend on brand development could otherwise be spent to advance your mission.

"What's the process?"

There are four phases:

     1. Discovery: A major kickoff with all key players, followed by individual internal and external interviews. A full brand audit, along with marketplace and competitive analysis. The deliverable is an Observations & Recommendations report, which will lead to some serious decision-making.

     2. Brand Platform Development: We'll develop, present and refine the basic building-blocks of your brand, as described in the third paragraph, above. Each element must satisfy very specific and rigorous criteria. We will not let you off the hook easily.

     3. Implementation. Your investment in brand development is wasted if nobody puts it to use. Our process is inclusive, so that everyone feels ownership. But it also engages support from the top, so that people feel obliged to participate and to use the brand tools. We will provide a full implementation strategy.

     4. Creative Execution. Many organizations have creative resources, and we will work closely with them on development and implementation. However, we also have some of the country's top writers and designers at our disposal for creative work.

"Tell me more."

Okay. You can email us or call 203-438-7137.

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Brand development

It's harder.

is not rocket science.