A nonprofit brand

is still a brand.

Any nonprofit brand that thinks of itself as inhabiting a different, less business-focused, universe is fighting for its cause with one arm tied behind its back.

     Research shows that investing in brand development is as important for nonprofits as it is for for-profit businesses. (Given nonprofits' often stingier marketing budgets, it may be even more important.)

     Research further demonstrates this helps you in four specific ways:

  1. It builds your reputation. It shows donors you share their values and commitment, building confidence. And this can drive donations.
  2. It builds awareness, amping up the efficiency of your marketing efforts. 
  3. It motivates your organization. It rallies everyone behind the same flag, and helps employees tell your story to the world. It helps with recruitment, too.
  4. Its builds better partnerships. Enhancing brand value magnifies stature and attracts larger partners. And it gives you leverage in co-branding and in other alliances. This directly proves brand valuation.

     How do you get to a brand that delivers all this? With an evidence-based process that's been proven with for-profits and nonprofits alike.

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